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Confidentiality rules, conditions of use of the site and communications and information on your personal data

Dear visitors to the site, our customers, our members,
we wish to inform you about our rules of confidentiality, our communications, our conditions of use of the site and our practices concerning the processing of your personal data and your rights under the law on the protection of personal data.
On our site (including mobile application), the confidentiality of information of the visitor-member-client (hereinafter referred to as visitor (s)), the protection, storage, processing-use-destruction of data personal (information), commercial electronic communications and In other areas, the Privacy Policy-Policy and Application-Terms of Use, the current principles of which are set out below, apply.

Protection of information

On this site, the necessary precautions for the security of information and transactions given by visitors and obtained from their parties have been taken by our company or the competent institution in Internet systems and infrastructure, within the limits of technological possibilities. and cost elements, with appropriate technical and administrative methods, depending on the nature of the information and the transaction.
The information you enter in order to become a member of our site, to transmit your requests and complaints or to update information cannot be consulted by other Internet users.

Methods of collecting information, purpose of processing-transfer and processing of personal data

In order to take the necessary measures to protect their privacy and in accordance with all legal principles concerning the processing of personal data and policies for the storage-destruction of personal data; If this is required by law or for certain non-compulsory applications, also on request for authorization; Visit of physical and virtual companies, purchase and contact information of our visitors and other personal information detailed below,
Our company responsible for the data is also by partners-business partners, successors, service providers-suppliers and other third parties / organizations (including data controllers, processors and / or buying groups) that are necessary for the purposes of processing (including online social media advertising operators) and for legal reasons relating to customer experience, consumer rights, customer / member services and the fulfillment of business responsibilities and obligations , financial and legal related to the products and services in which they buy or in which they are interested, both general and personalized products-services and installations. All kinds of product-service promotion, advertising, communication,

it is compulsory to process and transfer data for legitimate interests stipulated here and in the laws, provided that this does not infringe fundamental rights and freedoms. / Where appropriate, partially or fully automated / non-automated collection methods (from verbal / written information provided by visitors to our company and the aforementioned organizations, their visits to their stores and / or physical-virtual environments, mobile applications and content reviews, social networks and advertising network Transactions of members / users and call centers of our company and the aforementioned organizations (physical and virtual / digital), by the persons / organizations mentioned above (at national level and abroad). can be processed and transmitted by sharing, transfer, transfer, transfer, destruction (destruction, deletion or anonymization) and other legal methods (hereinafter to express the whole “processing” or “transaction (e)”).
All kinds of non-personal and non-personal information (location data, products reviewed and purpose of purchase) about visitors’ visits and purchases in our company’s physical and e-commerce stores-departments, its dealers and all kinds organizations under contract, as well as the site structures in which they are located. If the relevant functions of their devices are opened, they can be obtained from bluetooth connections, beacons and public-private wireless networks with appropriate technical methods, processed and transferred by the organizations mentioned in the paragraph above under of the above paragraph, nationally and abroad.

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